Made-to-order silhouettes

A few more custom-made-to-order solid hardwood silhouettes. Can you guess the makes and models of these aircraft? Go to or scan the QR code below to see how to order your own. #custommade #solidhardwood #solidoak #solidmahogany #madetoorder #silhouette Continue reading Made-to-order silhouettes

Visit my Etsy Shop to order worldwide

As always, please visit the Gallery page on the website for the latest projects at DBW. Now, any projects available for sale through mail order are available in my online shop at Etsy. More will be coming soon to the shop. First out of the gate is a made-to-order Framed Silhouette. Any questions or requests, you can contact me through either my Contact page or through Etsy. Continue reading Visit my Etsy Shop to order worldwide

Repurposed Iroko Hardwood Project

I’m very happy to be nearing completion of another project. This time using Iroko, used as a teak alternative, grown in Africa. A very dense hardwood with beautiful tight grain, an absolute pleasure to work with. This piece began its manufactured life as a School Laboratory worktop from the South of England early last century. See the hole which housed a bunsen burner. I promise I didn’t make the other markings. 10 years ago I made a Jewellery box out of the very same batch of wood. A week ago this was the last slab being cut up for this … Continue reading Repurposed Iroko Hardwood Project

Happy to serve Moray Scotland

Specializing in custom made indoor or outdoor furniture or storage, Dave Beeken Woodworking can take on a wide variety of projects. Anything considered. Pride is taken in tailoring to your specific needs, based on dimensions, materials and finishes of your choosing. An example might be a table to fit perfectly in an alcove or storage box between garden fixtures. The main focus of my work is creating for you within my workshop, and then delivering to your home. Please see my website and social media below for examples of previous work and testimonials. Find me on Twitter: @DavesWoodworki1 #custommade … Continue reading Happy to serve Moray Scotland