Catio with trellises and planter boxes

The customer who wanted this Catio built, had specifically moved to a home which had an outdoor space for her cats. They were indoor cats, so she wanted to contain them from venturing too far. She wanted planters and trellises to make a comfortable outdoor setting where they could all enjoy the outdoors together. The customer chose the sizes of everything and then I set to, to create this safe place for the cats.

The trellises are made from Pine and the planters from Pine with Plywood sides. Everything was given two coats of exterior oil based Mahogany Stain for protection and a beautiful rustic look where the wood grain shows through. The netting is nylon, usually used for birds, it is held up by aircraft cables at the top. The personalized emblem on the middle planter was an added touch showing the couples initials embossed on a heart.

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